As well as the ideals of people, institutions should have ideals. It is inevitable that a system constructed only on the financial expectations shall be out of control.  Today, trouble the world encounters, whatever it costs, is a natural result of ambition to make money. The perspective “Companies stand thanks to profit. So, all the ways to make profit is legitimate” has convicted both the guilty and the innocent. There can not be the winner of this approach. 
As individuals should be moral, both institutions and products should be moral.
The fact that an institution is sensitive to environment, responsible for its own waste, get motivated with the existence of its employees, excited about the gains of its country thanks to export, also most importantly, peaceful with the feeling of being solution to the basic needs of its products and finally uses a reasonable part of its incomes, not to prevent its growth, as a remedy of people who live in its country or anywhere in the world or the nature giving life to those people constitutes the description of good moral of the institution and the product manufactured by that institution.
According to us, individuals must be moral, products must be moral, institutions must be moral.  Neither private nor legal entity with this philosophy can be a source of problem for the world. The happiest family, the good citizen, the most successful administrator and individuals giving light around with their existence can only be people who lives with this approach.
We are aware of our responsibilities. The world needs Dizayn.
İbrahim Mirmahmutoğulları
Mir Holding
The Chairman