Dizayn Teknik Boru ve Elemanlari San.Tic. A.Ş. has aimed to become a leading global brand in its sector by developing new technologies and strategies in the transportation of fluids. Based on our Value Cycle for this purpose;
- To prevent pollution by improving the environmental awareness of employees, their families, suppliers and society,
- To use energy efficiently,
- To take all necessary measures by creating occupational health and safety awareness of all our employees and stakeholders,
- To comply with environmental and OHS regulations, to prevent occupational accidents, occupational diseases and environmental pollution,
- To ensure efficiency and profitability in product and system quality, taking into account the changing and developing customer expectations,
- To ensure the continuity of our competitive, innovative product development strategy,
- To ensure the security of information and to carry out activities within this scope,
- To continue our work as an institution that observes ethical values and adherence to laws,
- We are committed to fulfilling the requirements of national (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TS 45001, ISO 27001) and international standards, which we carry out by relying on the support and productivity of our employees, who are our most important internal resources, and that we will continuously improve their effectiveness.
Dizayn Teknik Boru ve Elemanlari San.Tic. A.S. Ş., in order to protect our reputation and brand value, to ensure our business continuity and information security of our information assets;
- Establishment, certification, implementation and continuous improvement of our information security management system in accordance with ISO 27001 standard at the scale required by our activities and strategies,
- Compliance with legal regulations and contracts regarding information security,
- Meeting the information security criteria required by our activities, stakeholders, contractual and legal conditions,
- Determining our information assets and managing the threats and dangers against privacy, integrity and accessibility elements in a systematic way by applying the risk management process,
- Measuring the performance of information security processes and producing targets from these data, minimizing threats and dangers to information security with infrastructure, working environment, hardware, software and education investments.
- In order to ensure the sustainability of the information security management system, the awareness of our employees about the threats and dangers against information security and their responsibility awareness are increased with training,
- We are committed to ensuring that our information security management system is managed in an integrated manner with other management systems we apply.
Chairman of the Board