It has been one of the two firms which produce the most technology in Turkey with patents more than 100 and awarded by Turkish Patent Institute.
As a result of research and development activities, Dizayn Group manufactured 1600 mm diameter pipe with PN 12,5 pressure in 2001, succeeded the so-called impossible, broken its own record three times one after another, succeeded world record. This record has the distinction of a world record Turkey has broken with an industrial product. Today, all over the world, even the first stage could not be reached this record.
Developing special projects for its special products, Dizayn Group launched many national and international great projects with technological solutions patent of which belongs to itself.  The Nile River Crossing Project, taking water to water-thirsty Sudan people, is one of the best examples of this. The project was welcomed with a great admiration by UNESCO and Dizayn Group was awarded with grand prize in Water Symposium held in France in 2003.
Dizayn Grup was awarded with both Universal Contribution and First Price in Turke Final of World Young Businessmen Contest with its all other studies projects, products, patents and entitled to take part in World Final. İbrahi Mirmahmutoğulları, the chairman of Dizayn Group represented our counry successfully in World Final, an international organization, held in Philippines with participation of 12 countries such as Germany, England, Netherlands and awarded with World Young Entrepreneur Businessman Great Prize.
Honored with ‘AA’ mark by JCR Eurasia Rating, Dizayn Group took its first step as company “can make investment at very high level at international level”.
· Dizayn Group obtained the highest point in each category in innovation awards contest held by ISO in 2009 and awarded with Great Prize.
· Dizayn Group was awarded “The Company of the Year” Award in TAÇED Traditional Service Awards Contest in 2009.