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HES pipes are used in the water supply in Hydroelectric Plants. HES pipes are without any alternatives in the transmission of the collected water to the plant without any loss. The products produced from HDPE raw materials can be produced up to 2600 mm diameter. In the projects which the transportation costs reach to higher values, the project costs are decreased by performing the production on site with the special technology which is developed by Dizayn Group. With the specially developed electrofusion welding technique, tightness is provided as 100% in the welding regions. With the on site production technology, the length limit of the pipes are not considered. In normal conditions, the products which are produced as maximum 13.5 meters, can be produced much longer with the on site production technique. In case of necessity, the pipes can be cut with the requested measures, they can be used with the requested lengths by preparing for welding after the correction process of the face.
1. Does the Dizayn Hes Pipes patented?
Dizayn Hes Pipes are the patented products of Dizayn Group together with the specially developed combination method.
2. How many meters does the Dizayn Hes Pipes produced?
Dizayn Hes Pipes can be produced in any length with the on site production technique. There is no length limit.
3. Can Dizayn Hes pipes be used for the carriage of the waste water?
Dizayn Hes Pipes shows resistance to the ground load and the traffic load. It can be used for carrying the waste water and the rain water.
4. What is the raw material of the Dizayn Hes Pipes?
Dizayn Hes Pipes are produced from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) raw material.
5. How does the Dizayn Hes Pipes combined?
Dizayn HES pipes are combined with the EF welding method which is specially developed by our company.