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It is produced with spiral production method starting from Ø900 mm diameter to Ø3600 mm diameter. By the help of the high chemical resistance of polyethylene; it can also be used in the storage of the corrosive materials such as acid, base and salts. Because the product is completely hygienic, it can be used to store liquid food besides the water.
The tank volumes are between 1-50 m3. The tanks are circular. According to the project, requested exit and entry can be added to the tank from the requested point. Against the transportation difficulties, on site assembly can be done. It is possible to add a platform and a ladder which will ease the maintenance of the tanks.
It is light because its density is approximately 1/8 according to the metal products. Costs are reduced because more products can be delivered in transportation. It is possible to deliver as nested.
The product has an eco design. It does not dirt our essential sources such as soil and water. It can be reused because it has a recycling feature. After hazardous chemical stocking is done, it can be used as a recycling product in a field which is not related with health.
There are 3 important parameters which should be considered in the resistance against the chemicals with acid and base properties. These are temperature, pressure and whether the chemical is diluted or concentrated. These values are compared in the tables and a decision is made about the resistance.
The product is produced on large cylinders as mandrels. The polyethylene raw material is stripped in the extruder machine. These stripes are coiled on the mandrel and a circular form is given.
The product is produced in different forms according to the butt welded and extruder welded coupling. The requested modifications can be easily applied on the product on site by the extruder welding method.
- Its chemical resistance is very high. Do not face corrosion.
- Because it has a neutral feature, it does not react with metals.
- The abrasion resistance is very high from the molecule chains and the molecule breakages.
- There are no heavy metals included in its content. It is suitable to store the liquid food.
- Guarantee time against the external factors are minimum 50 years and can be used 100 years..
- Because its density is very low according to the concrete and casting, the construction equipment necessity decreases to the minimum levels.
- All kinds of connection parts give opportunity for a special product to be produced for the project.
- It absorbs the vibrations of an earthquake and does not get any damage.
- It can be delivered as nested.
The life is determined according to the temperature, pressure of the stocked chemical and whether the chemical is diluted or concentrated. The service life is 50 years for the non abrasive chemical materials.
1. What is its raw material?
It is produced from Polyethylene (PE) raw materials.
2. How does it combined with the metal pipes?
The flanges are combined with the metal pipes. The plastic adapter is welded with the plastic pipe, the steel flange which is coioled over is combined with the other pipe flange by bolts.
3. For which chemicals can I use to store in?
The usage levels for acids and bases are written in the catalogues. The expert project engineers give information for the other fluids which are not written in the tables.