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Legal Disclaimer

Mir Teknoloji Holding A.Ş.
Dizayn Teknik Boru ve Elemanları Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.
Dizayn Teknik Plastik Boru Ve Elemanları Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.Ş.

This web-site belongs to Dizayn Endüstriyel A.Ş. and you are deemed to have accepted the conditions and provisions given below in advance, in the case that you enter this site and use any information in this web site.

This web-site gives information about DİZAYN GROUP Products and DİZAYN GROUP campaigns. This web-site belongs to Dizayn Teknik Boru ve Elemanları Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. (which will hereunder be referred to as DİZAYN GROUP), the following terms apply for the usage of the website.

DİZAYN GROUP reserves its right to make amendments in the terms in question without prior notification. Therefore, we kindly ask you to go over the legal disclaimer part of the website when you re-visit the website or each time you visit the website the visitor will hereunder be referred to as USER and to pay attention to the amendments that have been done.


1) The information and declarations in this website are not commitments in terms of law and they are not binding in any way for DİZAYN GROUP. In spite of the fact that DİZAYN GROUP takes care and strives to the necessary degree for the accuracy of all the information in this web-site, DİZAYN GROUP does not undertake or guarantee anything that might cause legal liability openly or implicitly in terms of the accuracy or completeness, applicability of the information or in regard to what degree the desired results will be obtained by using the information in this website. The USER acknowledges that DİZAYN GROUP does not bear any responsibility in relation to the pecuniary loss or intangible damages of the USER or the third parties that might result from the usage of this website or the information from this web-site that the USER or the third party used for their personal purposes; that the user bears the responsibility and that the USER or the third party may not make any claim to the DİZAYN GROUP.

2) The information in this web site, including the code and software, may not be partially or completely changed, copied, translated into another language, republished, loaded on a different computer, posted, transferred, presented or distributed without the prior permission of DİZAYN GROUP and without indicating the resource. This website may not be used partially or completely on a different web-site without indicating the resource. It is possible to benefit from the offerings of this web-site with purposes apart from those that are personal and commercial, on the condition that the legal rights of the DİZAYN GROUP are reserved.

3) All the names of the products in this web–site are the registered trademarks of rightholder Mir Teknoloji Holding A.Ş. and they are commercial and registered trademarks that DİZAYN GROUP uses as licensed. Nothing in this web-site gives permission to use the Registered Trademarks. It is explicitly forbidden to abuse written and visual materials in this web-site or to use them without permission. Doing the contrary means the infringement of the provisions of special legal regulations in relation to the intellectual and patent rights and Turkish Code of Commerce and other provisions of legislations that forbid the unauthorized use. In the event that such a situation is detected, DİZAYN GROUP and/or Mir Holding reserve their rights to pursue all kinds of legal proceedings, claim compensation and file a criminal complaint in order to protect their legal rights.

4) The price information in this web site is given just for the purpose of information and they are the retail sales prices that the DİZAYN GROUP recommends. The prices indicated in the web site neither constitute a price offer nor bind DİZAYN GROUP and its authorized dealers. All purchases and sales of the DİZAYN GROUP products are subject to the articles and conditions of the sales contract for the product in question. DİZAYN GROUP reserves its right to change the price information without any notification in advance at any time that it deems fit.

5) DİZAYN GROUP has taken precautions against viruses for its web site; however it does not guarantee anything in this matter. DİZAYN GROUP recommends the USERS to take necessary precautions for protection against viruses before they load any information, document, application, software etc. The USER is not entitled to demand anything from DİZAYN GROUP in relation to the damage that results from this matter in question. DİZAYN GROUP may have given links to other we sites, personal web pages on the www.dizayngroup.com address. However, this does not indicate that DİZAYN GROUP accepts the ideas and suggestions given in the web sites the links of which are given. In the same manner, DİZAYN GROUP does not undertake that the user has the right to use the information contained in these web sites or personal sites without getting permission in advance. Before use, it is necessary to get permission from the real person or legal entity who is the owner of the web site in question. DİZAYN GROUP does not make any commitment, which might lead to responsibility, whether it is that the user will definitely have access to the web sites in question or that the user will not encounter any threat in relation o viruses. DİZAYN GROUP has the links in question in order to ensure convenience for the users. DİZAYN GROUP does not bear any responsibility for pecuniary loss or intangible damages that might result from the contents of the site that the USER or the third persons access through this channel. All the risks in relation to the sites that have been accessed via these links are borne by the USER.

6) DİZAYN GROUP does not guarantee that the dimensions, conditions and features of the products displayed in the web site are the same in the case that the USER accesses the web site from out of Turkey. In other words, these products may not be available in the country that you access the web site from and they may have different packaging dimensions, different visual features and different characteristics.

7) Aiming at providing the user with better service, DİZAYN GROUP may use the information given in the messages, e-mails that the USER sends to DİZAYN GROUP in order to make a suggestion about the contents of the site or share thoughts and suggestions on any matter. However, this situation may not be interpreted in the way that the DİZAYN GROUP will certainly give a reply to the e-mail that the USER sends. DİZAYN GROUP does not guarantee the accuracy or the completeness of the information that the USER gives. DİZAYN GROUP shall pay necessary attention in order to ensure the confidentiality of the USER information save for the legal obligations and execution in relation to the potential situations that might arise because of adjudication.

8) These terms and conditions shall be interpreted, managed and executed in accordance with the codes of Turkish Republic and Turkish Law. The Courts and Execution Offices are exclusively authorized in the case of any and all conflicts that result from these terms and conditions.

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